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Drop by Ronac and you will see a booth selling the cutest swarovski watches!

It’s so cute because it’s not your ordinary na basta may studs watch, para syang flipping swaroski LED looking type watches. Digital! So d keri magaya ng china agad agad toh! haha!

Alam nyo naman na para akong gamu…


Just got an email from Metrobank and I am in baby! :D i just have to send them my docs. no words can explain how excited I am. T hank you God for this blessing!


Here’s a reallyyyyyyy early reference to pizza in the December 6, 1903 edition of the New York Tribune. It’s part of a larger article about how much Italians love hot foods (there’s a section that defines pepperoni as hot peppers rather than the later Americanized cured meat) and…

Words That Make Me Laugh / I am that 1%!!!!!!!! on We Heart It.

Words That Make Me Laugh / I am that 1%!!!!!!!! on We Heart It.


Wow. Parang I don’t know how to start with this post. Affected talaga ako sa death nya. I still can’t believe we lost her. She gave us the most iconic songs of our generation. NAKAKAIYAK TALAGA. But syempre, as much as gusto kong malungkot, I’d rather celebrate her life and music. Oo close kami.

Serious aside, sya talaga ang ultimate karaoke song maker. Aminin nyo guys, halos lahat nang mga favorite kantahin sa magic sing eh songs nya lahat. Di lang yun, lahat din nang sumasali sa singing contest nung bata o kaya talent portion nang beauty contest, mga kanta pa rin nya ang pine-perform.

whoever posted this could be one of my soulmates!
Tumblr on We Heart It.

whoever posted this could be one of my soulmates!

Tumblr on We Heart It.


I miss the days when we got pictures like this

“And I see a Barbie and it looks exactly like Chace, because Chace is like perfect looking. So i went to buy it for him.” - Blake Lively

I believe we all have a handful of soulmates. The most important thing to me is someone who makes me laugh. I know that’s cheesy, but really it’s not as complicated as you think. - Chace Crawford


love was made for u and me. :) 

my friend who’s living in new york city and has never been inlove sent me an email asking how to determine if what a person is feeling is love or not. interesting, huh? haha. i thought so too. although her question made me question my feelings toward a certain person too. it made me think about love. how to really know if you are inlove or just i dunno. something else. but its totally heart breaking if i break it off with thaat someone but i know that i’m not that happy anymore. i’m actually stirring away from the subject but i need answers!!!!

your in good hands :)

9:30am. time to take the preliminary exam at metrobank. :)) u can’t imagine how excited i am. i wanna have this job already!! i wanna be busy again! but all i can do for now is just wait for their call. u know what’s funny though? i’m very thankful for blogging. it has helped me with the essays i had to answer. rock on blogs around the world. and rock on bloggers. all of u are talented and smart! cheers!